Hearing God in times of trouble.

God speaks to us all the time.  We are usually too busy to get the call.  Our minds are humming so loudly with meaningless worries and stresses.  We have a reel that plays over and over throughout the day and night that we don’t even notice it.  It’s like the muzak the companies play when they put you on hold, although, our muzak usually isn’t that pleasant.  It’s more like disaster reports on the hour. But God is all around and offering all the guidance and support you need if you would learn to get quiet, even a little, and … Continue reading Hearing God in times of trouble.

Learning to live in this world and be at peace.

    Meditation is something that has been suggested to me millions of times by friends, books, blogs, signs from the Universe. I know this is a good thing and that the benefits are a long list of pros.  I don’t know why I resist or lag on doing this easy and free practice that could bring me such peace and a direct connection to the Super Universe. As of lately, I have become unusually stressed and feeling like I am going to loose my s–t, as one girlfriend describes it.  I have been yelling at the kids, the spouse, … Continue reading Learning to live in this world and be at peace.