In the desert for 40 years.

Joyce Meyers was talking about the Israelites who took an eleven-day trip and spread it out over 40 years in the desert this morning.  I love this story as a teaching tool and I, myself, have had this experience. I try not to have regrets, I’m sure my lost years can be a way of saving others from this fate if used as an example. I came from trouble in all forms: addiction, alcoholism, insanity, anger, guilt, fear.  And that was just the person who raised me.  I went on to continue some of these traits.  I was raised with so much … Continue reading In the desert for 40 years.

John Grays World.

This is my new TV minister.  I am so into this man right now that poor Joyce Meyer sometimes has to get in line if I have to choose between the two. At first, I just thought he was another of those loud and annoying preachers but one day I felt compelled to not change the channel.  I have been watching him ever since.  He is dynamic, fun, deep, sharp, and entertaining as all get out. This man knows his bible like no one else.  He even seems to know some of the old history and cultures that surrounded Biblical … Continue reading John Grays World.

God, frugality, multi tasking, and coffee.

I’m sitting here listening to my great music on my free Pandora online as I write up a blog piece and sip my afternoon cup of coffee.  I have bread rising on the kitchen counter and a pot of beans simmering on the stove.  Laundry is washing itself in the garage and my kids are playing well in the living room.  Yes, my desk is actually in the kitchen…kind of in between the dining area and kitchen.  It’s a small house and this is where I feel the most inspired, right next to the baking and brewing. I was out … Continue reading God, frugality, multi tasking, and coffee.

Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

Our whole world comes from our mind and how we live.  We have a choice every single day to grow our life, destroy it, start over anew, or remain stagnant. To live the best life humanly possible is simply this; live a wholesome life, have a relationship with God, follow your heart and God’s guidance in all matters, put God, family, and then work in that order. Of course, there are all the subcategories: live debt free, do not partake or encourage bad habits and addictions,  treat others with respect, do good deeds often, have a community. Now, I know … Continue reading Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

The new Mega Churches and what they offer to a strange lady like myself.

I am a poor excuse for a Christian.  That is if you look at me from a very traditional, old school way.  I am an enlighted and expanded Christian if you are open minded and still questioning your spiritual ideas.  I love everything and anything having to do with the spiritual world and self-improvement.  For years I attended Center for Spiritual Living, or sometimes known as Center for Spiritual Awareness.  I loved the many months and months of classes I attended through that Center.  I attribute much of my healing and vast improvement in mental health to those classes. However, … Continue reading The new Mega Churches and what they offer to a strange lady like myself.

Creating a Spiritual Center in your own home.

I love God, love Jesus, love Yogananda, don’t know much about Buddha, but he’s great too.  I love the spiritual world.  I also love the community and people overall.  Unfortunately, I can only take a group for so long before I start to get turned off.  I am one of those people that doesn’t fit into any sort of group, never have, but I mix well with ALL sorts of people.  I just can’t find my tribe, I fit with so many tribes.  I am expanded and open to so many things. I enjoy the big churches with the bands and Jesus … Continue reading Creating a Spiritual Center in your own home.