Manifesting anything you want.

The Law of Attraction is a big thing and still misunderstood to this day.  Even with all the books and movies out there, many people aren’t living the way they truly want.  Why? I’m still studying metaphysics deeply and have been for years.  I can tell you this, you don’t always get what you “think” you want and it doesn’t come like you think it will and definitely it does not come when you would like. Little things are easy to manifest because you don’t have a lot of expectation around say manifesting a free lunch.  When it comes to … Continue reading Manifesting anything you want.

Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

Our whole world comes from our mind and how we live.  We have a choice every single day to grow our life, destroy it, start over anew, or remain stagnant. To live the best life humanly possible is simply this; live a wholesome life, have a relationship with God, follow your heart and God’s guidance in all matters, put God, family, and then work in that order. Of course, there are all the subcategories: live debt free, do not partake or encourage bad habits and addictions,  treat others with respect, do good deeds often, have a community. Now, I know … Continue reading Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

Going within to create a new life.

For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things (fix your minds on them). -Philippians 4:8  (Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer) Do you want a new life?  Do you want new and changed conditions?  Do you want happiness?  Peace in your life?  Perhaps you are trying to manifest … Continue reading Going within to create a new life.

The new Mega Churches and what they offer to a strange lady like myself.

I am a poor excuse for a Christian.  That is if you look at me from a very traditional, old school way.  I am an enlighted and expanded Christian if you are open minded and still questioning your spiritual ideas.  I love everything and anything having to do with the spiritual world and self-improvement.  For years I attended Center for Spiritual Living, or sometimes known as Center for Spiritual Awareness.  I loved the many months and months of classes I attended through that Center.  I attribute much of my healing and vast improvement in mental health to those classes. However, … Continue reading The new Mega Churches and what they offer to a strange lady like myself.

Going upstream…choosing down stream.

I’m an upstream paddler.  I struggle, sweat, and toil until I am exhausted.  Not all at once and I don’t literally sweat and grunt at the moment.  It’s several little moments and thoughts that can be spread thinly over decades.  I have an inner lieutenant that drives me night and day.  It takes its toll.  I watched Tony Robbins I’m Not Your Guru months ago and there was something he said about a girl who was young and thought it was important to please others at her expense.  He said, “Sure, she hasn’t had 10 years of that to grind her … Continue reading Going upstream…choosing down stream.

Trying to stay in the Vortex. Dang it!

Yesterday I awoke after a night of good dreams.  Ever since I hung the dream catchers up I have had really fun dreams.  I wonder if it’s just the belief in them that has created these wonderful nocturnal dreams.  A placebo effect?  Anyway, I wake up at 3:00 AM and I’m irritated that it takes so long for the clock to get to 3:30 AM so I can get up.  That’s when Bali gets up and I can’t get up before him and risk waking the poor man, he gets so little sleep.  Finally, it is a legal hour to … Continue reading Trying to stay in the Vortex. Dang it!

Thoughts on dreamboards.

As I am on an enormous journey of self-improvement and dream fulfillment, I have come to the part in this series where I ask the question, “Do dream boards work” along with all the other mumbo jumbo of affirmations and positive daily readings and cards? I went back in time when I used to do the dream boards with girlfriends.  Oh, how we would get into all that silliness.  We’d also make lists of our dream man during the new moon, and I’d make lists of affirmations and laminate them to put up on a wall and forget them daily.  I … Continue reading Thoughts on dreamboards.

Reset your mind. Watch your life blossom.

I was watching Joyce Meyers this morning as I folded mounds of laundry and enjoying a cup of creamy and sweet coffee.  I have a great life.  It is simple, we are not wealthy in our reality today, I have not become a huge success with my books…yet, and my family of two boys, husband, two large dogs, one cat, and myself are living in an 860 square foot cottage with a little yard out back. My husband works a lot and I have no help with the children.  We are still new to this town and because I don’t … Continue reading Reset your mind. Watch your life blossom.