How a family of four lives well on one income.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son I was thrilled and older than most new mothers.  I was 41 years old and had been working very hard since I could remember.  My husband and I knew that I would quit work and become a housewife when the baby came.  I didn’t want anyone raising my baby or enjoying all the firsts; first word, first steps, the first time he babbled incoherently or held his spoon.  I wanted to enjoy every little, chubby, yummy, gooey, babbly moment.  I had worked harder than a horse all my life … Continue reading How a family of four lives well on one income.

.99 cents to a new life.

Here comes New Years and a boat load of lists on what we hope to accomplish, changes we would like to make to improve our well-being and life.  We all know the old saying, “you reap what you sow.”  The choices we make this very day will have a ripple effect on into the future.  Some of us will actually make some positive changes and stick with them.  Some of us will only dream.  Some decisions we make or actions may only take a few minutes but may cause huge and detrimental effects for years to come.  Scary to think … Continue reading .99 cents to a new life.

Becoming a Housewife.

What a great memory it is for me, the day I became a housewife.  I think I’m more fond of those memories than my wedding day.  I was working full time in the offices of Living Light Raw Food Culinary School on the coast and it was getting to me.  I had been working outside the home since I could legally work.  I always held two jobs and classes at whatever local college and then on the holidays I would get an extra job.  Mostly I did this to pay off debt, but also to keep busy and stay out … Continue reading Becoming a Housewife.