Sorry for all the blog name changes!!

My blog and Youtube channel have been under…construction?  I wanted to change things up and move away from homemaking a bit…not all the way…but a bit to move into other areas of interest.  Therefore, I have been playing with new titles and looks.  I apologize and I have not lost my mind.  I may be going through a mini personality crisis as Evelyn so gently put but I will stop now with this new title Life With Kate.  It is all-encompassing and flexible. Why change?  Well, This blog was titled Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It! but, after some reflection,  I … Continue reading Sorry for all the blog name changes!!

New Years Goals.

  What are your goals for the New Year?  Are they meaningful, fun, playful, important?  Is it the same boring goals from last year that didn’t happen or are they new and exciting? Are you setting goals that can actually be accomplished, that will be set up in bite-sized pieces? I enjoy reflecting on the year that has passed, the ups and downs, the accomplishments, the gifts, the pains and hardships, the blessings that came with the hardships.  Now I begin to plan for next year.  I’m a strong believer in Manifestation and with the energy of the Creator and the … Continue reading New Years Goals.