Creating a Spiritual Center in your own home.

I love God, love Jesus, love Yogananda, don’t know much about Buddha, but he’s great too.  I love the spiritual world.  I also love the community and people overall.  Unfortunately, I can only take a group for so long before I start to get turned off.  I am one of those people that doesn’t fit into any sort of group, never have, but I mix well with ALL sorts of people.  I just can’t find my tribe, I fit with so many tribes.  I am expanded and open to so many things. I enjoy the big churches with the bands and Jesus … Continue reading Creating a Spiritual Center in your own home.

Filling Up On Spirit!

Happy Sunday!  Today is the day many of us fill the Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Centers to get some Spiritual food for the soul.  I sat with my mug o’ coffee this morning and started to write a bit about this, but I was getting a little too opinionated and was not awake enough to say anything of value.  I have since attended the Center for Spiritual Awareness (my church of choice these days), filled up and now I just might have something interesting to impart for the day.  My only desire is to inspire, motivate, or at least activate … Continue reading Filling Up On Spirit!